What are the specific applications of outdoor integrated cabinets


Outdoor integrated cabinets are equipment used to provide a good working environment for equipment working outdoors, and their quality directly affects the working condition of the equipment. The location of outdoor integrated cabinets is generally relatively casual, some are in areas with complex pedestrian flow, while others are in sparsely populated areas. So what are the specific applications of outdoor integrated cabinets? To address this issue, let the manufacturer of outdoor integrated cabinets provide a detailed introduction!

The outdoor integrated cabinet deeply integrates data center infrastructure products, including multiple subsystems such as UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, and fire protection. Through the monitoring system, it achieves overall management of all systems, simplifying the design and construction process.

Outdoor integrated cabinets are mainly used in business outlets (telecommunications, finance, energy, broadcasting, retail), small enterprises, branches of large enterprises, governments, education, healthcare, cloud computing edge data centers, and other occasions.

The reason why outdoor integrated cabinets are increasingly being used is mainly because they have the following advantages:

1.The box of the outdoor integrated cabinet has the characteristics of dust prevention, sun protection, and rain protection, and is fully adapted to the outdoor environment;

2.The equipment compartment cabinet adopts ventilation and heat dissipation;

3.The outdoor integrated cabinet has sensing ability and environmental monitoring function, which can achieve power failure, power failure, access control, temperature, humidity, smoke, water immersion, battery voltage and other alarms and upload them;

4.The layout of the outdoor integrated cabinet is reasonable, with independent inlet holes for power lines, signal lines, and optical cables that will not interfere with each other;

5.The cables used in the outdoor integrated cabinet are made of flame-retardant materials.

Chen Tong Yuan is a outdoor integrated cabinets manufacturer from China, and we have rich experience in producing outdoor integrated cabinets. At present, our outdoor integrated cabinets are widely used in base stations, solar devices, wireless community sites and switches, transmission terminals, data centers, transportation and other fields. If customers have specific needs, our outdoor integrated cabinets can also be customized. If you need an outdoor integrated cabinet, please feel free to contact us!

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