Wall mounted outdoor telecom equipment cabinet

Wall mounted outdoor telecom equipment cabinet(with fans)

The wall mounted outdoor telecom equipment cabinet is an outdoor telecom equipment cabinet installed on the outer wall of the building in order to save installation space.

The wall mount telecom cabinet is integrated with thermal insulation, and the cabinet is equipped with a cabinet air conditioner with different refrigerating capacity. It can effectively control the inner ideal temperature of the cabinet and make the communication equipment run in an ideal temperature condition.


The external surface of the cabinet is UV resistant, can effectively isolate the solar radiation heat, outdoor telecom cabinet with fans can be installed in outdoor hilltops, rooftops and other difficult to move places. It has good windbreak, sand prevention, rain protection, sun protection and anti-theft functions.

Patented air duct design: the cabinet door and the top air inlet and outlet adopt the secondary air inlet and heat dissipation design (patented technology), so that the product can meet the IP55 level of sealing protection on the premise of ensuring efficient heat dissipation.

The effective service life of sealing strip can reach 10 years.

Adopt outdoor lock, with good sealing and waterproof performance.

The inner hinge is adopted, and there is no exposed screw outside the cabinet.

19" or 23" adjustable rack.


Material can be Constructed of durable, galvanized steel, sandwich panel, stainless steel ss304, aluminium.

Compartments can be configured to support between 1-4 bays, multi-compartments supported.

Front and rear access doors allow technicians access to equipment storage areas and cable routing.

Side doors design also ok.

Customized color, standard color RAL7035, other color acceptable based on appointed color code.

Wide range of thermal management options for even the most demanding heat dissipation needs allows for optimization of thermal performance and reduced energy costs.

The cooling solution adopted compressed air conditioner, TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler), Hex (heat exchanger), Fans, Combined AC & HEX.

Offers a wide range of configuration options providing maximum flexibility including PDU, rectifier, integrated AC-DC power systems.

Silkscreening Company Logo and environmental friendly painting artwork for outdoor cabinet.

Offers all kinds environment sensors, including doors, smoke, temperature sensors.

Remote monitoring system supported, communication protocol is RS485.


Enclosures and thermal systems have a powder coated finish to withstand the elements and provide superior environmental protection.

Technical performance

Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃

Storage temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃

Relative humidity: ≤ 95% (+ 40 ℃)

Atmospheric pressure: 70kpa ~ 106kpa

Precautions for installation and use

If conditions permit, try to install the telecom cabinet in a cool and ventilated place with clean surrounding environment.

After the cable construction is completed, please make sure to seal the gap around the cable with the sealant provided randomly in the cabinet, so as to avoid the condensation caused by moisture entering and affecting the use performance of the equipment. The grounding bar of the cabinet must be reliably grounded, and the grounding resistance to the ground shall be less than 10 Ω.

Please clean the ventilation and dust screen in the cabinet regularly every month. According to the actual situation, the period of cleaning dust screen can be shortened or extended properly.


Telecommunication, Wireless / Broadband CATV, Base station, Solar based installations, Wireless cell sites & switches, Transmission terminals, Datacenter, Transportation.

Cabinet external size:


Electric wire connecting drawing:

Wall mounted outdoor telecom equipment cabinet 2.jpg

DC Electrical schematic diagram

Wall mounted outdoor equipment cabinet size can be customized per customer requirements:

Items No.

Dimensions H*W*D (MM)

Cooling system


External Size :1200*700*700

Internal Size: 1000*650*650

FANS/AC air conditioner /DC air conditioner/HEX/TEC/ combined AC&HEX


External Size :1050*650*650

Internal Size: 800*600*600

FANS/AC air conditioner /DC air conditioner/HEX/TEC/ combined AC&HEX


External Size :800*650*650

Internal Size: 725*600*600

FANS/AC air conditioner /DC air conditioner/HEX/TEC/ combined AC&HEX


External Size :800*650*650

Internal Size: 600*600*600

FANS/AC air conditioner /DC air conditioner/HEX/TEC/ combined AC&HEX


External Size :700*650*650

Internal Size: 500*600*600

FANS/AC air conditioner /DC air conditioner/HEX/TEC/ combined AC&HEX


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